Words Connect Worlds

I believe that by talking we understand one another, no matter where we come from or what language we speak.

Therefore, at MCL Interpreting, I combine the easiest-to-use technology with traditional interpreting and intercultural communication to provide culturally-sensitive language support for Latin American and British diplomats, businesses, and professionals so that they can focus on the what while I deal with the how.

You are the expert in your field, I am an expert in mine and, together, we  connect worlds.

MCL Proposals


Easy-to-Use Technology

  • Online interpreting platforms: Ideal for webinars, stakeholders updates, training sessions.
  • Online learning platforms: Ideal for training programmes, workshops, distance learning.
  • Tour guide portable sets: Ideal for a series of meetings in different locations, visits and tours, small events in closed rooms.
  • Table-top interpreting booth: Ideal for small- to mid-size meetings and events, board meetings, table-top exercises.
  • Traditional interpreting booth: Ideal for congresses, and specialist conferences.


Interpreting Services

  • Meetings: Ideal for preparatory or followup meetings, training sessions, board meetings, working lunches, breakfast meetings, stakeholders updates, webinars.
  • Missions: Ideal for diplomatic visits, trade and technical missions, business trips, trade fairs, expos, tours & inspections, and bilateral visits.
  • Events: Ideal for seminars, roundtables, panels, product launch events, opening ceremonies, business lunches, dinners, breakfast briefings, networking events, and press conferences.
  • Conferences: Ideal for congresses, board meetings, table-top exercises, and specialist conferences.
  • Written Materials: Ideal for PowerPoint presentations, handbooks, infographics, reports, e-books, white papers, guidelines, brochures, websites, email templates, press releases.


Training & Coaching

  • Meet Latin America: Ideal to work seamlessly with your Latin American counterparts and maximise your investment.
  • Get UK Savvy: Ideal to work seamlessly with your British counterparts and make the most of your visit.
  • Diplomacy for Interpreters: Ideal to develop the necessary supplementary skills to work in diplomatic settings.
  • Add-ons for Conference Interpreters: Ideal to develop supplementary skills to improve your conference interpreting performance.
  • Public Speaking for regular folks: Ideal for non-professional speakers who have to speak in front of other people anyway.

Meet the MCL Behind MCL

Hello. My name is Maria Cecilia Lipovsek but people simply call me Cecilia and I am a London-based diplomatic and conference interpreter of Spanish, English, and Portuguese.Professional, warm, flexible, highly skilled, collaborative, discreet are some of the words my clients use to describe me and the services I provide. I use my passion for languages and intercultural skills to help professionals and organisations to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers - both in every day matters and in more complex scenarios.Born in Buenos Aires, I have lived and interpreted on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean - and last year I celebrated my first 15 years in interpreting!
Maria Cecilia Lipovsek - Celebrating 15years Interpreting


Is MCL a translation agency?

MCL is a professional interpreting services company specialised in a specific sector and language set; that is, British and Latin American diplomats, businesses, and professionals seeking to grow in partnership and collaboration. MCL is not and has no plans or intention to become a translation agency. However, as I can only be in one place at any given time and my days are also only 24-hour long, I sometimes rely on my carefully selected network of trusted and outstanding colleagues and strategic partners both in Latin America and the UK to ensure my clients receive the world-class level service they deserve.

Why are there no client names listed on MCL's website?

I purposely do not list any client names on my website. This is to protect their confidentiality and that of the events they have attended or the work they have done. Those whose names, photos or testimonials are included on my website have given their express consent and authorisation. I do, however, work with clients who prioritise quality and care about elevating the conversation and achieving their goals. If you wish to receive a copy of my CV, please email me on mcl@mclinterpreting.com or fill out the Contact form below.

What is the process to work with MCL like?

Working with me is very simple:

  • Choose the proposal/s from the Services section that best suits your needs – there are 6 to choose from!
  • Send in your request either by email on mcl@mclinterpreting.com or by filling out the Contact form below.
  • Receive and confirm your quotation. If necessary, I will request additional information or make recommendations before sending you my final quotation.
  • Submit any relevant materials, if applicable.
  • Achieve your goals, no matter the language they are in.
  • Repeat! I take pride in all my clients becoming repeat clients. It means I have done my job well and they are happy with the results we have achieved together. I fully intend to keep it this way!

What is the MCL WAY?

All the services I provide are in line with the MCL WAY, a series of ten core values that guide the work I do, be it in corporate, diplomatic or conference settings:

  1. Be useful – aid and facilitate communication and avoid, by all means, disrupting it. This entails having proper qualifications; that is, having received formal training and being able to perform satisfactorily in the different interpreting techniques: simultaneous, consecutive with note-taking, and first-sight;
  2. Pursue growth and learning – undertake regular CPD activities and, also, make myself deeply familiar with the topics to be interpreted, as well as with the different delegates cultural and professional backgrounds;
  3. Be collaborative – understand and work around the dynamics of the meetings and events during which my services are required to help to keep them running smoothly and effortlessly;
  4. Be respectful – have knowledge of business etiquette and international protocol as well as of the cultures I work with and respect the many ways in which they compare and differ;
  5. Be fair – offer world-class services at a price that is fair to my clients but also a fair reflection of the value I bring to the table;
  6. Ensure customer satisfaction – know my client’s aim and, whenever possible, simply go the extra mile;
  7. Mind the little things – be punctual, courteous, calm, well-disposed, properly groomed and dressed, flexible, and always aware that I am there to provide a professional service;
  8. Protect confidentiality – maintain strict confidentiality of all matters discussed in the current and/or in any past assignments, as well as of the very fact that a meeting might have taken place or any details related to it;
  9. Remain neutral – refrain from commenting and/or sharing my opinion on any of the matters discussed or on the speakers and/or participants or any other matter that may come up in casual conversation;
  10. Strive for excellence – maintain a professional attitude at all times and remain focused on performing the task at hand to the best of my abilities.

Happy Clients

I worked with Maria Cecilia during my business trip, where she provided an excellent, reliable and high-quality interpretation. She is not only very skilled technical interpreter, she also detects those cultural and educational differences between groups of diverse nationalities that needs to be additionally explained to assure fluent and understandable conversation. And she provides these “footnotes” in the way that does not interfere with the dialogue between the parties. She is organised and professional but also flexible and creative, and most importantly, she can handle stressful situations without compromising quality. She is very friendly and keen to share her knowledge; between the meetings she always showed us some culturally or architecturally interesting building or told us an amusing historical fact.

Michaela Telepovska - Senior Political Officer, British Embassy Mexico

Happy Clients

I would highly recommend Maria Cecilia for many different reasons – I cannot emphasise enough how wonderful it has been working with her! Always reliable, prompt and honest, she is incredibly passionate about what she does- never failing the Euro London team and constantly delivering high quality and nuanced translations.

Maria Cecilia’s organisational skills are also second to none. Having to juggle a very busy schedule is not easy, but she is always super prepared and aware of all her commitments to her clients.

Finally, she is also an absolute pleasure to work with – very personable and extremely easy to speak to. Thank you for all your hard work Maria Cecilia!

Nancy Paladina - Consultant & Translation Specialist, Euro London Appointments

Happy Clients

I am an Argentinian journalist and Miss Lipovsek was of great help to my work while in London. In addition to being very polite and friendly, she conducted her work as an interpreter efficiently, effectively and with patience. I recommend her without hesitation.

Valeria Musse – journalist at La Nacion newspaper, Argentina

Happy Clients

Maria Cecilia has volunteered her translating services to the Costa Foundation since 2015 and has been incredibly helpful in enabling us to bridge the language barriers between our charity and our many partners across the world. The quality of Cecilia’s work is exceptional and she has translated many complicated legal documents for us as well as the softer side of our work including letters and cards from children in our schools. It is a credit to Cecilia that she approached our charity unsolicited and offered her services as a volunteer and I would recommend her and the work that she carries out in a heartbeat.

Piers Blake - Costa Foundation Director

Happy Clients

I’ve hired Ms. Lipovsek to work as an interpreter on multiple occasions for a variety of organizations that I serve in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has worked for me in both corporate and academic contexts and the response has always been the same:  Cecilia Lipovsek is a responsible, reliable and proficient interpreter who can manage long, complicated sessions flawlessly.

Ms. Lipovsek’s passion for her work is only matched by her expertise. Cecilia is also a insightful, engaging person. These are important qualities for any professional who works with people, but they are absolutely essential for an interpreter. I highly recommend Ms Lipovsek to anyone who needs the services of a professional interpreter of the highest caliber.

Ms Alejandra Jorge - CAIT Idiomas. Director

Happy Clients

Maria was a true asset during the accreditation survey of ITAES. She was efficient, organised and quick. She was also very helpful in making the interviewees comfortable and at ease.

Danielle Dorschner - Executive Director, Canadian Accreditation at HSO

Happy Clients

Cecilia was in extreme professional and had impeccable presence. Her promptly acquired knowledge of technical vocabulary regarding mixology and bartending was surprising and always accurate. It was a pleasure to work with her and have her click so naturally with our guest and speaker Erik Lorincz, the renowned Head Bartender of the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Clara Garcia Baltar - Account & Project Director, Knowledge Promociones y Eventos