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MCL Services – How I can help you

Since 2003, I have been using my passion for languages and people skills to help professionals and organisations bridge cultural and linguistic barriers both in every day matters and in more complex scenarios. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years now!

I have lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

And I believe words do connect worlds.

2D – Written Support

Language support for all your written communication with Latin America.

  • Financial Translation: A highly-technical type of translation, financial texts require their translators to be experts in the subject matter on top of being outstanding linguists. Financial translators usually deal with financial statements, performance reports, market research campaigns, contracts, minutes, balance sheets, and any other documents related to international trade, global markets or the activities of a company.
  • Website Translation: A lighter but not necessarily simpler side of translation that requires deep cultural and communicative awareness as well as loads of creativity from translators. If your goal is to reach other audiences and markets, then the text on your website should play the right tune -for them- while fitting perfectly within your site’s design. Achieving this is certainly an art.
  • Marketing & Event Materials: Be it brochures, programmes, PowerPoint presentations or information packages, there is an array of communication items involved in your interaction with your guests and/or potential clients. Get them in the right language AND in the right terms with the help of a professional translator specialised in your target audience.
  • Subtitling & Voice-over: Video is increasingly becoming a key component of any outreach and communication strategy, as well as of presentations and pitches. It is imperative, then, to put them in the other language.

3D – Interpreting Services

Interpreters talk. A lot. Basically, we listen to what someone is saying and repeat it in another language – on the spot and in real time. It may sound simple, but it is indeed quite a complex skill that takes years of training to master.

When we work our magic, people from different corners of the world communicate seamlessly, as if they were all speaking the same language.

  • Corporate Interpreting: Good corporate interpreters combine the two main interpreting techniques –consecutive and simultaneous interpreting– with first sight translation of documents, industry knowledge, business etiquette, and people skills to ensure your meeting or event go smoothly. Setup is very simple. There are two options, depending on the situation: use portable wireless devices, which are small radio transmitters that fit in your pocket with an earphone for you to hear the translation while it is done in real time, or combine whispering, if no more than two people need interpreting, with consecutive interpreting.
  • Diplomatic Interpreting: Diplomatic interpreters deploy refinement of expression, detailed technical knowledge, great general knowledge, excellent people skills, serious commitment to confidentiality, knowledge of social and international protocol, and deep cultural sensitivity in two or more languages, simultaneously, consecutively or at first sight, in closed quarters or on the go as visitors tick off meetings and events from their schedules. We also act as cultural advisers, as languages do not exist in a vacuum and culture permeates them, and may even find ourselves turned into impromptu tour guides while travelling with you from meeting to meeting, which is nothing but a testament to the high level of flexibility and commitment required by this new but fascinating type of interpreting.
  • Conference Interpreting: Conference interpreting is the oldest and most traditional type of modern interpreting dating back to the Nuremberg trials after WW2.  As its name indicates, it is used in large multilingual conferences of any subject where what is said is translated into one or more languages for dozens or hundreds of people at the same time and in real time. Conference interpreters work in pairs from a soundproof booth equipped with headsets and microphones so that the conference participants can hear what the speaker is saying but in their language of choice. Usually, there is also a team of sound engineers and technicians on-site making sure that everything runs smoothly. They work their magic, too.

Whatever the situation or the setup, my goal is to make your life easier and help you to achieve your goal; be it to lay the groundwork for further collaboration, close a trade agreement, foster knowledge transfer or establish common practices.

4D – Coaching & Advising

Sometimes, all you need is professional linguistic and/or cultural support.

  • Cross-cultural coaching: Languages do not exist in a vacuum but, instead, are intertwined with their culture. Understanding and properly addressing the behavioural standards, customs, and cultural expectations of your foreign interlocutors can contribute enormously to the success of your project.
  • Public speaking & speech preparation: Because you cannot always send someone in your place.
  • Business Etiquette & International Protocol: A practical, hands-on approach aimed at keeping things simple but proper and within the expectations for each type of setting and situation.
  • Copywriting & Localisation: So you can talk to your audience in their own language, both literally and metaphorically.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” ~Nelson Mandela

For further information about any of the services I provide, please email me on mcl@mclinterpreting or fill in the Contact form below.

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